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    플래그먼트 문의

    Frame의 Size가 64 bytes가 되지 않을 때는 64 bytes가 되록 bit를 '0'으로 padding하여 전송합니다.
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    과정등록: SWITCH

    원서를 한글로 학습하기 위한 과정으로 원서내에서 다루는 범위에서만 학습합니다. Chapter 1. Fundamentals Review 1. Switching Introduction 1.1 Hubs and Switches 1.2 Bridges and Switches 1.3 Switches of Today 1.4 Broadcast Domains 1.5 MAC Addresses 1.6 The Basic Ethernet Frame Format 1.7 Basic Switching Function 1.8 VLANs 1.9 The Spanning Tree Protocol 1.10 Trunking 1.11 Port Channels 1.12 Multilayer Switching
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    과정등록: ROUTE

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    과정등록: ROUTE

    원서를 한글로 학습하기 위한 과정으로 원서내에서 다루는 범위에서만 학습합니다. Chapter I. Basic Network and Routing Concepts 1. Differentiating Routing Protocols 1.1 Enterprise Network Infrastructure 1.2 Role of Dynamic Routing Protocols 1.3 Choosing a of Dynamic Routing Protocols 1.4 IGP versus EGP 1.5 Types of Routing Protocols 1.6 Convergence 1.7 Route Summarization 1.8 Route Protocol Scalability
  5. Master

    과정등록: ICND1

  6. Master

    과정등록: ICND1

    원서를 한글로 학습하기 위한 과정으로 원서내에서 다루는 범위에서만 학습합니다. Chapter 1. Introduction to TCP/IP Networking 1. Perspectives on Networking 2. TCP/IP Networking Model 2.1 History Leading to TCP/IP 2.2 Overview of the TCP/IP Networking Model 2.3 TCP/IP Application Layer 2.4 TCP/IP Transport Layer 2.5 TCP/IP Network Layer 2.6 TCP/IP Link Layer (Data Link Plus Physical) 2.7 TCP/IP Model and Terminology 3. OSI Networking Model 3.1 Comparing OSI and TCP/IP 3.1 Describing Protocols by Referencing the OSI Layers 3.2 OSI Layers and Their Functions 3.3 OSI Layering Concepts and Benefits 3.4 OSI Encapsulation Terminology