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과정등록: ICND1

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Chapter 1. Introduction to TCP/IP Networking

    1. Perspectives on Networking

    2. TCP/IP Networking Model

        2.1 History Leading to TCP/IP

        2.2 Overview of the TCP/IP Networking Model

        2.3 TCP/IP Application Layer

        2.4 TCP/IP Transport Layer

        2.5 TCP/IP Network Layer

        2.6 TCP/IP Link Layer (Data Link Plus Physical)

        2.7 TCP/IP Model and Terminology

    3. OSI Networking Model

        3.1 Comparing OSI and TCP/IP

        3.1 Describing Protocols by Referencing the OSI Layers

        3.2  OSI Layers and Their Functions

        3.3 OSI Layering Concepts and Benefits

        3.4 OSI Encapsulation Terminology

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